Weapons and objects of the Old Monarchy

vendredi 02 décembre 2022 14:00
Roanne , 23, rue Benoît-Malon 42300 Roanne
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On December 2, part of the collection of an enlightened amateur, which until then had been on deposit at the castle of Plassenburg in Bavaria, where the collections of the Friedrich der Grosse museum illustrate the Prussian military history of the 18th century, will be dispersed in Roanne.

This collection focuses on the Seven Years' War and puts into perspective some of the enemies of the time: France, Austria, Prussia and Russia.

The objects offered are mainly French: paintings, miniatures, royal orders, uniforms, gibernets and leathers, cavalry bits, powder flasks...

The December 2 sale has a large place for French bladed weapons, sabers, swords, pertuisanes, bayonets, often coming from prestigious collections or having been the subject of articles and illustrations in specialized books or magazines.

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